Our Professional Workflow

With more than 8 years’ experience in custom furniture, we have set up a professional service flow for our customers. Explore your inspiration and choose your honorable furniture from custom furniture expert!

A. Solution of Furniture Layout.
You can either send us your customized designed furniture layout or asking us for this kind of service.
When you send us the images:
You are required to send us a clear image (minimum 1024×768 or higher resolution). Meanwhile, if there is high requirement for details, you are also required to provide more accurate images! e.g.:

B. Furniture Working Drawing.

After receiving your requirements or working drawing, we will prepare the detailed furniture working drawing for you to confirm.

C. Furniture Production Workflow.

C1. Set up the project team after confirming the order. Analyze every drawing of the furniture and solve the potential problem in advance.

C2. The design team will check all the information about the furniture, such as dimension, proportion, technique, and make sure the drawing is ready for production.

C3. Select the right material and start the production according to the working drawing and furniture specifications.

C4. Start the production process, such as wood working, painting, assembling, and so on.

a. Wood working

b. Painting

c. Sofa & cushion assembling.

C5. Recheck all the details and pack them in the safe way according to the structure of the furniture.