Wardrobe is an important home furniture for human

known as the wardrobe lockers, lockers and storage cabinets, wardrobe is the important home furniture for storing clothing and bedding. It is generally divided into two doors, three doors, embedded and so on. It is one of the indispensable furniture in family life.

The wardrobe is made up of the cabinet, the cabinet door and the hardware accessories. The general cabinet body is made of wood panel, such as solid wood multilayer board, particle board, density board and grasses panel.
Various wood panels combined with different composition into the corresponding wardrobe pattern so as to meet the needs of users. The general thickness of wood panels are 25mm, 5mm, 18mm and 9mm. In addition, hardware accessories (tie clip, drawers, closet pants rack, basket, hanging rod, plate buckle, dressing mirror etc.) are available as the requirement of customers.


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