Something about wine cabinet you should pay attention to

As the features of wine cabinet being more and more steady,outlook design being more and more beautiful,the styles and materials becomes more and more various.Thus more opportunities of selection are offered for customers.In the meantime, the storage environment of the wine cabinet is also designed based on simulating the raw wine cellar.The thermostatic wine cabinet is the choice of wine in addition to the wine cellar.Therefore,most of families use wine cabinets to store grape wine.Then what should we pay attention to when designing wine cabinets?

Firstly,wine cabinet should have colored glass or UV filter membrane door,which can prevent the sun UV.

Secondly,the height of layer had better be about 30 to 40 cm.The placing part of boottle should be tilted and the cabinet can not be too deep in sure to be easy to take.

Thirdly,If there is an open living room and restaurant, you can use flooring wine cabinet as the screen to separate living area.

Fourthly,if there is a large number wine needing stored which request high quality,you can use a overall wine room where the space should be sealed relatively and the temperature be low.If there is not much wine,you can side wine cabinets which are so flexible and convenient.

Fifthly,mobile display style wine storage cabinet is like a kind of art units that when closing the door. While opening the door, it will change into the multiple display wine cabinets in which books, magazines, glasses and wine bottles show together.

Sixthly,the whole cabinet is embedded in the electronic wine cabinets. Whatever you need among the number, or quality,this whole wine cabinet can bring the advantage of large enough space and temperature controller to you.With reasonable and flexible shelf design, typical temperature wine cabinet is so convenient for user to take wine freely; Each shelf can place a bottle of wine so that you can enjoy each bottle of wine in consistent temperature and humidity.


The above article comes from Auyees.