Some problems about the maintenance of office furniture

In a beautiful office environment, office furniture can be used for a long time. No matter which company wants to use it for a longer time, especially for office furniture, it is not updated as fast as electronic products. Therefore, how to make office furniture more durable, we must pay attention to the following problems.

First, don’t wipe furniture with coarse cloth or old clothes. Because the coarse fabric is thicker, and there are many stitches and buttons on old cloth, which are easy to scratch furniture. Furniture should be wiped with absorbent fabrics such as towels, cotton fabrics, cotton fabrics or flannels.

Second, do not spray wax on leather furniture. Furniture care wax spraying can only be used to spray wood furniture surface, but can not be sprayed on leather furniture. Once wax spraying is applied, the pores of leather products will be blocked. As time goes on, the leather will be aged and its service life will be shortened. In addition, some people wants to make furniture look more glossy, they use some wax products directly applied to furniture, or improper use, which will make the furniture surface foggy spots.

Third, do not use wet cloth with soapy water and detergent to wipe furniture. Because they are corrosive, and they can damage the surface of furniture and make the paint dull. In addition, it can cause mildew or local deformation of wood and shorten its service life.

Last, don’t expose your furniture to the sun, and don’t put it in a very damp place at the same time. If the furniture is exposed to the sun, the paint on the surface of the furniture will be damaged. Under high temperature, the paint will also volatilize. The color will change after a long time. It will degum and crack, and formaldehyde will volatilize more easily. If it is too wet, it is easy to grow worms, mildew and corrode furniture.

In a word, office furniture should be maintained properly so we can keep its good look and functions.



The above article is published by AUYEES.