Reasonable height of TV stand design

Reasonable standards height of home furniture especially TV stand is essential for people’s life. If it is mastered, home furniture will bring users a lot of inconvenience, and even affect the health. Home Furniture design in the scale, shape and layout should be consistent with the human body physiology, psychological scale and the activities of the various parts of the body in order to achieve safe, practical, convenient, comfortable and beautiful purpose.

The height of the TV stand should be designed to keep the sight of the user on the TV screen center when sitting on the sofa. When people sit on the sofa watching TV, they may keep their body 40 cm high, so the eyes height is usually 66 cm, total in 106 cm, which is the high line of sight and then it is also used to calculate the height of the TV stand. If there is no special need, TV stand to the center of the TV height is best not to exceed this height.

If the selection of non-dedicated TV stand to do with the TV stand, 70 cm high stand for the high limit. To 29-inch TV, for example, 60 cm high cabinet, 70 cm high cabinet, total in 130 cm, it is measured down the screen center to the ground height of about 110 cm. This height is just in line with the normal viewing of the height of health,.If the TV stand is higher than 70 cm which makes the center line of sight higher than this standard, it will be easy to form a look up. According to ergonomic principles, looking up to make the neck fatigue will damage cervical health. Besides, the height of the bedroom TV stands can be also used as a measure of the height of the bed.


The above article comes from AUYEES.