Pay attention to the problems about painted wardrobes

Pained wardrobes can fit the customers’ need of choosing various colors, which can well reflect the fashion personality style. So painted wardrobe is widely used in house. While what are the problems should be paid attention to when being used?

We should prevent the painted wardrobes from hitting the door when using it,and high-quality paint film hardness should be about 2H. Thus the paint film of the door will not fall off when 10 kg of heavy objects hit the front surface of the door. Secondly, painted wardrobes should be kept away from high temperature and direct sunlight, because the paint film will loss its glossy. Thirdly, Pay attention to moisture and waterproof. Normally, painted wardrobe is made of density board so it must be prevented from water carefully. When in maintenance, do not use the too wet towel to wipe painted display stands and put them in the wet environment.

If we pay more attention to the problems, painted wardrobes can be used for a long time with its nice durability and practicality. That’s why painted wardrobes are so popular in families.


The above article comes from AUYEES.