How to maintain your Wood Wardrobe?

Wood wardrobe is one of the necessary home furniture,which can greatly help us arrange clothes.Therefore,we should cherish our wardrobes and maintain them carefully.So how should we maintain our wood wardrobe properly?

There is a kind of bedroom furniture at home,wood wardrobe.We should take proper measures to keep our wood wardrobes in good condition,so that we can play its value in a long time.The following measures can be taken to protect wood wardrobes.

On the one hand,always keep the wardrobe door clean.Make sure that there is no dust and debris in the track of wood wardrobe.When cleaning the wardrobe, you can wipe its body and door with a cloth which is just a little wet. Do not use corrosive cleaners. The dust of the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal parts such as the frame and the rod can be wiped with a dry cloth.

On the other hand, prevent heavy objects and sharp from hitting the track and scratching the cabinet and the door. What’s more, keep the cabinet away from the water and other liquid solvent, so as not to fall off edge.

Besides, let the wardrobe be of its breathable, or regular use of dehumidifiers so as to avoid the cabinet and clothing damp bacteria. As less as possible use chemical fragrance for the wardrobe to get rid of taste, because they are likely to cause damage to the clothing.

In addition, it is normal that the light rail pulley may make some noise as it is used for a long time. To ensure smooth and quiet silo of the pulley, please add the lubricant to the upper and lower pulleys every 2-3 months.

Last but not least, do not place the closet in a place where the sun is directly exposed to the wood in the light of deformation or brittle. When opening sliding doors you must check if the handle is protruding. If convex, you should press it to flat, otherwise it will hit the side cabinet or handle.

The above article comes from AUYEES.