How to maintain home furniture?

Do you know how to maintain your home furniture?Many people have no idea with the right way to maintain their home furniture,thus they may do some wrong thing on their furniture.As a result,their home furniture would be destroyed carelessly. Therefore,let’s talk about the right methods to maintain your home furniture.

Firstly, you should make sure your home furniture are put in a proper position.A good position is important to keep normal features of home furniture.People must pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the position where furniture put.The environment should not be too hot or too wet or it will be damp or dry.

Secondly,remaining tea and corn flour would be the great cleaning agent. If there are some stains on the surface of home furniture,you can use remaining tea to clean these. Then wipe the surface again with corn flour.Corn flour is a great cleaning agent that can absorb all the dirt adsorbed on the surface of the furniture, so that the surface is bright.

Thirdly,if your solid wood furniture is finished painting, the surface is easy to turn yellow as the time going. So you can wipe the yellow spot with toothpaste, but you must wipe slightly.Egg can also help to clean this. Mix two egg yolk, and brush the yellow place with cloth.Last, dry it with a soft cloth carefully.

Last but not least,keep home furniture from friction of hard objects,so as not to damage the surface of the surface texture.For example,we should be carefully when placing porcelain bronze and other decorative items on furniture.You’d better pad a soft cloth under there.

The above content is my opinion.I hope it will be helpful for you.I think only by proper maintenance can home furniture be of great use in a long time.


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