How to judge the quality of wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can be manufactured in various styles and made of different materials as its flexibility and easy production. For the reason that wooden furniture can match the styles and variety of clothes, it is widely used in shops and stores. So how to judge its quality when choosing a wooden furniture?

Check the solidity

The solidity of wooden furniture’s general structure not only influence the display effect, but also affect the safety problems. When we choose a wooden furniture, we can shake its body to check its overall solidity and drag it to hear if there is noise. The solid and durable wooden furniture will make a crisp sound when being dragged. While the poor quality wooden furniture will make a grave nose which is can not be used in a long time.

Check the water content of the wood

The water content standard of normal wood material is 12%. Wood that is below the standard is qualified. If the content is over the standard, it will easy to cause deformation of display stand. When choosing wooden furniture, if you feel wet when touching it, you had better not to buy it. Or test its water content of not-painting part, if the water is absorbed quickly, it indicates that the content is low. If the water is absorbed slowly, then this display stand is not good to choose.

The above two ways are usually to test that if the wooden furniture are match the requirement. However, the major quality should be tested by the craft and details.


The above article comes from GEEWIN DISPLAY.