How does the home furniture factory design the TV Stand for customers?

The style and size of TV stand in different families are different. If there is in a hotel, different provisions of the room is not the same, which means that the home furniture production company should design manufacture plan based on the actual space and customers’ need.

For small space TV stand design, the design concept is to let the people inside feel spacious and comfortable, then the TV stand design will be divided into primary part and secondary part. Home furniture manufacturer should also make some differences on the TV stand mode, color selection, lighting quality and artistic techniques and so on. They can use the craft combination of details and key points. In addition, Home furniture manufacturer can also combine with storage cabinet to produce functional TV stand, which can save more space for their house.

If the house is not tall, install in the ceiling of the group of grid lights lined up or grid in order not to make others feel depressed. Besides, straight tube fluorescent lamp or neon can be installed in the back and bottom of the wood TV stand, which allows the people inside to feel happy rather than a sense of depression. Foshan Auyees home furniture factory is engaged in a wide variety of furniture design, production and after-sales service, being committed to the research and development in TV stand, tables, shoe cabinets, wine cabinets, drawers and wardrobes, focusing on creating the happy and relax atmosphere for family.


The above article comes from AUYEES.