Common design style features of wood wine cabinets

As the overall bionic cabinets technology becomes more and more mature, more and more people can be satisfied with wine cabinets customization. In the meantime,a variety of venues decoration style are not the same and people’s aesthetic and personal preferences are not the same, so a variety of wine cabinets design styles are created. While every style wine cabinet design is a unique aesthetic concept and a pursuit of personality. The following  wine cabinets design styles are so common and popular.

Classical luxury style wine cabinets

Classical and luxury style wine cabinet is thought of the most wine cabinet that can show the noble nature of wine.

In the classical luxury style wine cabinets, wine racks is so standard that wine bottles can be arranged properly.With classical and luxury wine cabinets combined with other home furniture,many house can build a retro atmosphere and elegant style.

European pastoral style wine cabinets

The overall design of European pastoral style wine cabinets is simple and elegant,whose art decoration tends to be not modern,combined with pastoral scenery painting style. The overall wine cabinets convey a feeling of strong wood texture and dark lines, which creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Modern simple style wine cabinets

Modern simple style wine cabinets design focuses on the concept of “the less to highlight the more”,whose overall space are designed scatteredly and densely and well organized.

Apart from introducing the above stylish wine cabinets,I would like to talk something about industrial style wine cellar and business style wine cellar.

Red tiles, old oak barrels, stacked wine display and walls or small pox to create a peel of the historical chronology ,all creativity and elements comes from the idea of industrial winery.While business wine cellar is made of metal material majorly,whose wine rack modeling is simpler than wood wine rack.The key point of business wine cellar is to convey the cold metal sense of fortitude and cool wine cellar image.

European pastoral style is so interesting that shows owner’s hobbies and habits.With the feeling of pastoral life,people will enjoy the wine a lot at home.


The above article comes from AUYEES.