The factors of home furniture

Home Furniture refers to the essential equipment and facilities for human beings to maintain normal life, engage in production practice and carry out social activities. Home furniture is also developing and innovating with the pace of the times. Nowadays, there are many kinds of furniture with different materials, complete varieties and different uses, which help to establish an important foundation for working and living space.

Home furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance form and function, among which function is the forerunner and the driving force to promote the development of furniture. Structure is the backbone and the basis to realize function. These four factors are interrelated and mutually restrictive.

Structure refers to a certain combination and connection between the materials and components used in furniture. It is a structural system based on a certain use function. It includes the interior and exterior structure of furniture. The interior structure refers to a combination of furniture components, which depends on the change of materials and the development of science and technology. Like traditional mortise and mortise joints and hardware joints for modern panel furniture, they are both internal structures.

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