Advantages of TV cabinet for house

In fact, referring to television, I believe that many people will say that they have not watch tv program. But at home,  there is still a TV set, so that people can have sense of belonging. With the thinner and thinner TV, many families began to hang the TV on the wall instead of TV cabinet. So what’s the difference between the two and which one is better? Let’s talk about it.

Firstly, the TV set on the wall
Advantages: the TV can be hung on the wall to save the space of house. No matter whether they will abandon the TV cabinet or to place the TV set, this way is very suitable for small families to receive or decorate. And beautifying effect of mounting on the wall is very good, which will make space very hierarchical and comfortable.
Shortcomings: the TV set on the wall can not be laid along the TV cabinet, the wires are more or less exposed some, and some of the effect is beautiful. The main problem is that the gap between the TV set and the wall is small after hanging on the wall, which is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the TV set, and it is easy to shorten the life of the TV.
Hanging the TV on the wall is more suitable for a family with smaller living room. The small living room puts the wall on the TV, so it doesn’t make up. The living room looks neat and neat, but before you go up the wall you need to think about it.
1, pay attention to the height, the center point of TV is a horizontal line, the most comfortable height is slightly lower than the high people sitting on the sofa. There is also data that 60 – 80cm on the TV screen is the best.
2, if you hang the TV set on the wall, you should consider that when you are decorating the house, you should take the advantage of preparing the inner wall pipe in advance, otherwise all kinds of lines will not be hidden in the TV cabinet.

Second, TV set on the TV cabinet
Advantages: the first advantage is that we keep the specific distance between TV to solve the heat problem. Then putting TV on the TV cabinet can bring a lot of flexibility for us, for that we can move its location according to preferences at any time. What’s more, wires can be hidden well by TV cabinet. Finally, TV cabinet is firm enough to afford the TV set safely.
Disadvantages: the biggest disadvantage of TV cabinet is occupying the place. TV cabinet will make the family seem crowded. When cleaning, we will be very inconvenient.

In short, TV cabinet is still necessary and functional for families. It can be a decoration as well. Auyees TV cabinet will be a good option for families.


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